Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Welcome to the world of quilting and blogging

Once upon a time there was a mom who hated to sew. Her mother had tried and tried to get her to sew, but to no avail. She'd tried once or twice to sew something - a skirt here, a quilt there. But still she just did not like to sew. Then her 1st child was born. For his birth he was given a quilt - a simple quilt, but he loved it. It was his "B". It went everywhere with him and this mom was jealous.

Several years later, a daughter was born. This mom wanted her daughter to have a "B" that was made by her mom. So this mom got some simple instructions and made a "B". The "B" was not as nice as she wanted it to be, so she bought a book, which provided step-by-step instructions for making a quilt - block by block. So this mom followed the instructions and this was the result. The mom was happy with this quilt and decided to try her hand at another quilt.
This time she wasn't so happy with the results. However, she learned a lot about colors and prints and piecing.

She decided to try again!

This one turned out much better!

Along the way she learned more about colors and piecing.  At this point she felt she was ready to try ... a quilt for her daughter (yikes!)

This quilt turned out so much better than expected!  She was so happy with this quilt. This time, she learned that she loved this quilting stuff. Go figure.

So instead of being done, she tried some new techniques, just to see what the results would be.

Again, she loved the results!  So she kept at it.

By now, people had heard that this mom was making quilts and loving it.  So they asked her to make quilts for them.  So, she made some quilts especially for people she loved.

As this mom quilted, she loved it more and more.  She just kept quilting!

So this mom and her love of quilting has decided to enter the world of blogging about her quilts.  I am sure she will update the blog from time to time about her exploits and experiments.

Hope you follow along!
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