Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Another "A-long"

One of the blogs that I love had a beautiful pattern that I just fell in love with.  It is called Swoon and it has become a VERY popular pattern  So, like many quilters, I bought the pattern and then debated and debated about what colors I wanted to use.  Then came the "Swoon a-long" on Flikr and I got some ideas and ran with them.  I chose to use some bright, fun colors.

These are the first three blocks!  Each block measures 24 1/2 inches!  It is going to be a big quilt!

The second three blocks.  See what I mean about bright, fun colors?

And we're done! (with the blocks). Now I just need to add sashing and borders.

Here is what it looks like all put together.

It is not the greatest picture and it isn't finished. 

 Here is a better picture!  One of these days I will get it quilted and then I will show it off!

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