Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Creation

Once upon a time I created a quilt for my niece.  This is not at all what the quilt was supposed to look like, but I ran out of time and had to have something done for her birthday.  This is what I got.  

Well, she loved it . . . and so did everyone else.    Everyone that sees this quilt just tells me how much they just love it.  So, I decided to take this quilt and jump into the world of selling online patterns.  With the help of family (thank you to my sweet hubby and SIL for your editing skills) I posted the pattern on several craft websites (Etsy and Craftsy) and it has just taken off.  I decided, to get my name out there, that I would sell it for the bargain price of $1.49.  Feel free to take a look (buying it wouldn't hurt my feelings either!).  If you do buy the pattern and make the quilt, I would love to see a picture.  I have a Flikr board dedicated to Spring is Here by Curlytop Quilts

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