Friday, March 9, 2012

Newest Projects

While browsing blogs, I found a pattern that I thought was really cute, so I made it.  When it was done I thought "cute, but useless".  So, I adapted the pattern to my liking and made a cute little bag.

It turned out cute, but smaller than what I wanted.  So I adapted the bag and made it bigger and (in my mind) more useful.

Look at some of the uses!

I really liked the pattern, so I kept going.

They are for sale on my Etsy site (see side bar).  I am continuing to make them.  So if there is a color you don't see, let me know and I am sure I can get it for you!

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  1. Those are soo adorable I LOVE LOVE them I want one sooo bad!!! You should put your pricing here too just a idea. I don't know how to use esp or whatever that site was called. These are great I LOVE them! I love the green and I love flowers!

  2. I really really like these alot!!!!!!! If I was there I would even buy one so I didn't have to pay for shipping LOL.. These are sooo cute!! I LOVE the green one and I love the solid colors on the button! you should put the price of these on this site, just a idea, I don't know how to work the Esty or whatever its called site. :-) GREAT JOB these are great and CUTE!!!!!