Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Larger Version (FINISHED!!!)

So, I had the top of this quilt all pieced together.  Then I spray basted it (my new favorite trick in all of the world!!) and had it ready to quilt.  As I started to quilt in the ditch around the edge, wouldn't you know it, the my stinking small but sturdy sewing machine bites the dust, throws a fit, politely tells me it isn't going to quilt this quilt.  So, I start browsing new sewing machines.  I did a lot of research and found one that I LOVED, then I got my head out of the clouds and looked at my budget.  Luckily for me my budget included overnight shipping.   I got my new sewing machine and got the quilt done.  My friend LOVED it and can't wait to give it to her granddaughter on her birthday.

I have to say, my new sewing machine is AMAZING!  If a lower price range machine sews like this, I can't even imagine what my dream machine would sew like.  SOME DAY!!!!

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  1. This is an absolutely gorgeous quilt! I am going to have to do something like this someday...